Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Orleans - Presbytere Mardi Gras Museum

The Mardi Gras exhibit at the Presbytere is fascinating. There is information about the history of Carnival in New Orleans as well as glorious exhibits of the costumes, accessories and throws. The admission is so inexpensive, only $6 for adults and children get in free, that any visitor to New Orleans should take at least a quick look. Because it's filled with so many lovely and interesting things.

The exhibit is upstairs, and it all starts with the long gallery with walls full of displays. There is a lot of background explained and a big counter, showing how many days until Mardi Gras. It gets reset the very day after Mardi Gras and is changed every day by museum staff.

Then there are rooms and rooms filled with exquisite costumes and accessories. Until the last 20 years or so, the costumes and headdresses were all hand beaded and were extremely heavy. The crowns, scepters and other jeweled accessories are just glorious. The jewels aren't real, of course, but the items are still very valuable.

The throws change a bit from year to year, but of course there are always beads.

There is a big gallery overlooking Jackson Square from the second story, giving a view of it that isn't often seen, above from the rear. At one end, you can see other parts of the area. It's quite a nice view.
This is an exhibit that is definitely worth seeing, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing it again.

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