Friday, March 20, 2015

10 Miles

I walked 10 miles in one day. Okay, it was actually 9.86 miles, but c'mon. I'm sure I must have taken at least a few steps when I wasn't holding my phone. So I'm pretty sure it was at least ten.

I just wanted to get a quick look at some neighborhoods that I'd only ever seen on Google Street View. A lot of times, when I'm reading things and come across mention of a particular place, I will search it on Street View to see what it looks like. So I've got a ton of places stored up.
I headed first to Soho, which is just a very urban area that also has quite a nice little park. On the way over there, though, I just happened to come across what is apparently the world's first YMCA.
And then, again totally by accident, William Penn's house.
I didn't know either of those things were there, and I'm actually a little surprpised I even noticed them. I love looking at buildings, but I'm often completely oblivious to what they are.
The garden square in Soho is really nice.
There is a statue of Charles II in the park. As I asked on Twitter, is it just me or does he look just like the Cowardly Lion on the Wizard of Oz?
Coming out the other side of the park, I came across some official looking people who looked like they were using either geiger counters or bomb finders. I just went quickly along my way.
I walked around the Seven Dials area, near Covent Garden, which I absolutely loved.
On the way home, I came across this really nice building with words inscribed in French above the awnings. Nouvel Hopital et Dispensaire Francais. New French Hospital & Dispensary? It looked like a cafe downstairs.
Passed through another garden square, Gordon Square garden, which I think sounds weird when you say it out loud. Still. There are SO many of these green spaces in London, and I really love that about the city.
And then there is mind boggling weird shit that just completely baffles me. I have no clue what this is all about, but one of these guys is inside and the other is outside.
Believe it or not, it wasn't even noon when I had finished walking the first several miles. I headed to the Victoria & Albert Museum in South Kensington, which was full of fabulous treasures. But there was no photography allowed, so all I have to show you is the Dining Room of the Cafe, which was breathtaking.
Unfortunately, it was full, so I didn't get to sit there. :(
Oh yeah, I also have a photo of the exterior, which I thought was absolutely gorgeous.
There is a whole other amazing building behind it, which is where the cafe was.
But the V & A is right next door to the Museum of Natural History, which is has an even more impressive exterior.
The photo at the top of this post is a close up of the front of this building.
Anyway. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see so many things I had been wanting to see in person for so very long, and I am so very grateful that I was able to finally do so. But a whirlwind tour of these places is not really how I want to experience them. I want to linger in them, savor them. And I'm hoping to be able to do that on the back end of this trip, when we have to come back.
One place I did get to thoroughly explore, though, was Regent's Park. It accounted for a good bit of my ten mile walk, in between Soho and the V & A. But there was so much there to see, it deserves its own post. So that's up next. Soon. And I'm not a big nature person, so be warned that the photos will not all be of landscapes.

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