Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Covering ground

Ooohhh, my aching bones. We were on our feet, on pavement or stone, for most of 7 hours today.

It seems Apple put the Health app on the new iPhones. Mine says I walked 11,084 steps, just over 5 miles. And I feel every one of those steps.

We walked a direct route to Westminster Abbey, passing Trafalgar Square and Big Ben along the way. (Yes, we both know it's not the clock, but the chime...which we heard.)

We also took note of other sights along the way. I particularly liked the monument to the women of World War II.

Then there was the black call box, labeled Wifi. I'd read New York was going to be turning almost all of their public telephones into wireless points, so it looks like this is an international thing...which, of
course, I am very much in favor of.

Also took photos of a few pubs we liked the looks of, for possible checking into later.
I would love to know why there is a dinosaur skeleton on a pedestal in Tralfalgar Square with a big
bow around its neck made out of a digital light sign. Things like that just totally fry my brain. It seems like such a frivolous touch to an important landmark - which I have absolutely no problem with at all, I love it. But who does that?

While admiring the architecture of the Admiralty Arch by Trafalgar Square, a whole load of fast moving cars blaring sirens showed up. One or two were obviously Police vans, but most were unmarked cars with plainclothes policemen inside.
They passed so close, I couldn't help but see that it was unmarked cars making all the noise, but when Martha said the men inside were looking very annoyed, it was news to me. I am way too oblivious to have caught that. Or maybe I was just distracted by noticing they were And I could have sworn that one of the drivers was the spitting image of Daniel Craig. <ahem>
I told Martha, it would be just like us to be in the middle of a major terrorist strike taking photos of national monuments as the city started exploding around us, and that sent us both into a fit of the giggles. Again.

It's not taking much to set us off laughing at the moment, because we are so freaking happy to be here. We love our family and friends very, very much and spending time with them is one of the biggest joys of our lives. But we have waited so long to do this, can still barely even comprehend that we are finally here - and still just at the very beginning of (for us) an epic trip - that the happiness just keeps bubbling over.

And that is one of the reasons we chose Westminster Abbey as our first stop. We are very conscious of our good fortune, and wanted to start out our sightseeing by giving thanks.

I have to admit that I balked when learning that there was a 20 pound admission fee. I told Martha I'd meet her at the exit when she was done, and walked about 30 seconds down the path until my lately departed mother reached down from the Heavens and smacked me on the back of the head.
I mean, really, I don't know what I was thinking. I may not be a churchgoer, but it's not like I believe it was random luck that funded this dream come true. And considering what I've been spending and will be spending on this adventure...well, really, it should've been a no brainer. I'll just blame jet lag, but in the end, we did a complete audio tour around the Abbey. And I thoroughly enjoyed it, even aside from the gratitude aspect.

But oh man, after walking all the way over there, and then all the way around there, we were hurting and hungry. So we grabbed a bite to eat at a pub whose exterior we admired and flagged a black cab (which was not black) to take us home.
That's it.

But it exhausted us greatly.
I do have something very nice to look forward to while Martha goes off to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland with hordes of drunken Irishmen. By the way, I warned her it was going to be wet and cold, probably with piss and puke everywhere, and she said she can't wait. One person's pleasure is another's worst nightmare. But we're fine with that.
In any case, we passed right by a sign advertising a concert Saturday night in a historical venue with Pachelbel's Canon as the featured piece. I know it's considered trite by many, but it's my favorite song. I even went searching iTunes so I could have it as my default ring tone.
So once Martha takes off for the train station, I will do a Google Hangout with my immediate family so they can see a live feed of the local Tardis, then I'm off to have a meal and concert. I will just need to stay out of trouble for 4 nights until I join Martha in Ireland. Watch this space.

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