Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Malta Time Warp

One of the things I love most about Europe is seeing all of that centuries old architecture. Talk about, "They don't build things like they used to." Wow. But Malta takes that to a whole other level.

In most European cities, you will still see a bit of modern mixed in with the ancient. But not only is
Our street
that not the case in Malta, their ancient is way older than most Western European capitals. Some of their ruins are older than the Egyptian pyramids.

We only stayed in Malta for two nights, but we felt like we were immersed in a medieval culture the entire time. Like Greece, this island country didn't really call to us, but we're always perfectly aware of and impressed by its attributes. If we felt before like we were on a movie set or at Epcot, we now felt like we had somehow slipped back in time.

We were lucky in the area we were staying. Not only did we have a great view from our apartment, but it was just off a square with four different places to eat.

One of them was our favorite, though, we went back twice.

We walked and walked and walked, but glimpses of the blue sea were almost always visible. Ahead
 of us or down a side street.

And though I was unpleasantly surprised to find so many steps on my Google Maps routes in Italy, they were small potatoes to what you find in Malta.

We visited the  Grand Master's Palace, which was beautiful. The State Apartments were very interesting, I've never seen so many suits of armor all in one place.

The Archeological Museum, too, was excellent. Here's a casket with bones in it, not something you see every day.

There weren't a whole lot of cultural differences that you noticed right off, but we did see rabbit on the menu quite often, which we hadn't seen in other places.

We also saw, and used, this public toilet, and were pleasantly surprised to see how neat and clean it was kept.

Malta definitely deserved more than the short time we gave it. And it was certainly convenient that English is the country's second official language. We probably won't return there, but it's not because of anything lacking, it's just personal taste. I came across one woman online who is from Rome and has always dreamed of visiting Texas. Being from Louisiana, I find this utterly unfathomable. So it's very clear that there is just no accounting for preferences.

Still, I'm glad we chose to at least get a glimpse of what Malta is like. It really does make one hell of an impression.

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