Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Palermo Highlights

We are leaving Palermo tomorrow, and I will have more details soon. But we have been walking ourselves into the ground and are completely exhausted, so I only have energy for a few photos and observations.

We went to see the Norman Castle in Palermo, shown in the photo above, and it was pretty interesting. The part I liked best was the painted areas at the end. We also went to see the Royal Palace, but most of it was closed and the Royal Apartments weren't open at all during our stay in Palermo, so we just skipped it.

The city itself is just full of the most fabulous architecture, I just never get tired of looking at the buildings. And what makes it more amazing is that you'll just be walking down a normal street, then suddenly there's a big
square with a magnificent building. Or you'll glance down what you expect to be an alley, and again, you find beauty.

There are lots of lovely green garden squares, or parks, large and small.

Yet, as incredible as the whole city is - and the Palermo Theater is a particular favorite, the Gothic Palermo Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking. All of the exterior is very impressive, and I'll have photos of it later, but the details of the interior are even more so, in my opinion. The silver altar is my favorite.

There are so many churches here, there was no way we were going to look into all of them. But we took a quick look into a couple of them, and weren't disappointed.

We covered quite a bit of ground in Palermo, and still didn't see half of it. I could easily spend a couple of weeks here just walking around and looking at what's right on the street, not even landmarks, just regular city buildings.

The other thing that impressed us most was the low cost of food here, and the extras you get just for being a customer. Our first night out, we got served liqueurs after we'd paid our bill. And tonight, we were going to order actual meals, but the tray of food they brought with our drinks made that unnecessary. We got an appetizer, a drink and another dessert, instead.

Then, we stopped in a bakery and got 6 pastries - for tonight, breakfast tomorrow and the long bus ride to our next stop. It cost 6 euros, and the owner gave us each an almond flavored chocolate covered bon bon as a gift.

We really, really like it here.

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