Monday, May 25, 2015


Man, those French rulers, you gotta love'em. Did they just spend all their time in pursuit of pleasure and sit around all day thinking of more ways to live to excess? Well, they may have ended up with their heads on  spikes, but their opulence lives on. And I love looking at it.

I have to say, though, that there is a difference in the way I
look at something like Fontainebleau. It is more of a detached observation, not a gasping admiration. Mostly because I don't generally find that kind of fussiness appealing. There is just such an abundance of patterns.

There's a lot going on in those rooms, y'all.

My mama used to call that "busy". When she'd come across too many prints matched, or mixed, together, her nose would wrinkle and she'd say, "That's just too busy." 

If she'd ever gone to Fontainebleau, she'd probably never have been able to unwrinkle her nose again.

 I kinda like this chair.

But I'm just amazed that there was a need for so much seating in somebody's bedroom.

I can understand it in the room where the little throne chair

was, that was obviously dedicated to having audiences.

There were a few things I did like. The sleek daybeds, or chaises...

...nice crib, but I saw an even fancier one. Can't remember where, but the photo will eventually show up on this blog.

I do love the canopy beds. 
And they show much more to advantage when they aren't  
lost in a melee of fabric all over the rest of the room.

However, what I found fascinating, is that Napoleon even put a canopy on the camp cots in his battlefield tents!

The interior courtyard was empty, but I imagine it must have been bustling when the palace was in use.

As usual, my little phone camera couldn't capture the vastness in a couple of places.

But, again, lots and lots of going on. Even without furniture.

You know, Napoleon was such a legend, we just have the image of him in the uniform with the hand and the haircut. But, surprisingly, what struck me most was seeing his coat and hat. All  of a sudden, he seemed so real. So human.

Construction & renovation here, too.

I did find Fontainbleau interesting, I'm glad I went. I still prefer Versailles, though, and you'll be seeing that before the end of the summer. Lots and lots and lots more to come.

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