Thursday, May 7, 2015

The End is Near

We are very sorry to report that the Gypsy Sisters European Adventures Tour is coming to a close. There is still plenty to write about, because we've been moving at such a fast pace that the blog has not been able to keep up. But we've already headed in different directions again, and will only have a final two days next week, when we meet up for the last time in Brighton.

Martha is headed back to the States, to buy an RV and start a mega Road trip - she's already booked rodeos & concerts, while I still have some exploring to do in Europe...currently in France.

I haven't decided yet if I will return to the States for a little bit before coming back with my family toward the end of June, maybe catch a little of the road trip. Or come back to France, there is so much of this country I want to explore...although that could certainly wait until Fall. Or something completely different, who the hell knows. If you know us, you know that our plans change like the wind.

 Continuing to play it one week at a time...

Still, as I said, there is much that hasn't yet been revealed. Aside from the places I hit solo at the beginning of the trip, while Martha was participating in the drunken revelry that is St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, we went together to Pisa. And then there's the cruise which included several hours in Barcelona and a quick walk through Monte Carlo.

Oh yeah, and we also ended up in Florence, though we hadn't intended to go there. We have found it amazing how many places we wound up in that were deliberately left off our itinerary. I think we passed through Rome 4 times, though we weren't really interested in going even once.

So there's lots left, after I manage to catch up. The thing about this trip is that it has gone at warp speed, and I'd like to slow down some. Especially because I'll be going at warp speed again once the kids get here.

In any case, I'll be mostly solo for a while, and I expect it will be a little lonely sometimes. But I think it will be okay, while there are still so many interesting and lovely things to see... this view from my little garret in Paris.

And that reminds me, I really want to do a post on our AirBnB finds, they are truly amazing. I have a studio in Paris with a single bed, kitchen, full bath and balcony in a building with an elevator next to a major transportation stop, for fifty bucks a night.

It's true that the d├ęcor leaves a bit to be desired, if you're picky, but it's not depressing or anything. There is also a very occasional vibration from trains. But it's less noticeable than the streetcar was, outside of my mother's house on St. Charles, in New Orleans. And it's fifty bucks a night. In Paris.

In Provence, I had the same thing, but bigger. It had a sofa and a double bed. And it was $25 a night. And those prices are including all cleaning and AirBnB fees.

What's great, is that it allows my hosts to go traveling themselves. My current host is in South of France and my host in Provence went to Italy. This arrangement really is a win for everyone.

So, the adventures will continue, but they will take a different form now and then. Nuthin wrong with that. I'll let you know, as I go along. Y'all come back, now.


  1. I just added your site to my favorites. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you are enjoying them.


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