Tuesday, June 23, 2015

London with Children - Transport Museum, Covent Garden & Dr. Who

The London Transport Museum, featuring forms of transportation from horse drawn carriages to the present, may not sound like a fun place for kids to hang out, but it totally rocks. When we had to leave before seeing every single inch of its many exhibits, the kids begged to go back. Since our tickets are good for an entire year, and the kids go free, that was no problem. 

The kids were creeped out by the fake people.
There was all kinds of interesting information for adults, as well as children, so Adrienne and I found a great deal to enjoy, ourselves. But it was nothing compared to the fun Peri and Donovan had climbing in and out of the various carriages, buses and trains. 

There were simulators, too, for the kids to get an idea what it was like to drive a subway train. 

Or they could just see what a bus driver's perspective was.

There was a card that they got to have stamped at more than a dozen exhibits...

He chose "Mind the Gap"
...and a smashed penny machine - or pence, in this case. 

But the real fun was exploring the amazing amount of vehicles in the premises.

This is a bright, colorful place, and there is no end of fun to be had. We may even take the kids there again, on one of trips in and out of town. 

The Transport Museum is located right smack in the center of Coven Garden, one of my favorite areas of town. And the rest of them enjoyed it, too. 
It's such a fabulous place, inside and out, upstairs and down. 

We went into the market, had lunch and spent a good bit of time in a store specializing in old fashioned wares.

I was the only one who left empty handed, but not because I didn't appreciate the merchandise

When we got out at Earl's Court Station that afternoon, Peri spotted the Tardis. It was the one I'd shown them on Google Hangouts when I'd first come to London. All three of them went into raptures, and they couldn't believe it when I said I'd forgotten it was there.  But that was months ago, and I've seen so much since then.

Still, they had been thrilled to see it in live video. Now, they were beside themselves to see it in person. 

It was another really great day. Everyone is just loving London. As well they should. 

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