Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Castle Cabra - Ireland

When the kids came over to join me in Europe, it was an absolute necessity to stay in a castle. That was non-negotiable. 

One night would be enough, since most of them are expensive. And even though we found an extremely reasonable one - only 150 Euros a night for a huge triple room - that was more than we'd paid for a 2 bedroom apartment in Dublin for each of the three previous nights. So, one night only. But it was enough.

We all loved this place. Though most of the décor was not at all castle-like, it went very well with the architecture. It was both lovely and comfy, even luxurious. I've traveled a great deal and both my daughters have worked in hotels. We all consider this place a real bargain.

As soon as you walk in, the little sitting area seems so authentic, and welcoming.

There are suits of armor scattered about. Also news clippings about events that have been held here. Peri, who is 13, went around reading them and informed me that the oldest member of the band One Direction, got married here. I thought this would be a nice place to have a wedding, and she was very impressed by it.

She also told me that this place was chosen as best something for 2014 and something like best overall place in Ireland for 2015. She was extremely impressed by all of that. One of the most fabulous aspects of traveling with kids is watching the way they try to find context to process what they're seeing.

A celebrity got married here, and there were young Irish girls giving a step dance performance in a room off the bar, so this place is now even higher in her esteem. Peri is very into dance. 

After dinner, she and Donovan went and watched a bit of the performance while I waited to sign the bill. Donovan, who is 7 years old enjoyed it, too. He also loves to dance. 

In any case, this place is definitely a big hit. Back to the décor.

The stairwells are breathtaking. I've got my new camera, by the way, and it takes gorgeous
photos. But I'm still learning about the settings, and I haven't conquered shooting into the sun, yet.

But I did manage to get a photo of a stained glass window with the light coming in behind it! Not perfectly, but way better than I could have gotten with my phone, that's for sure.

After going up two flights of stairs, and down
one, we entered the courtyard behind the castle tower to find our rooms. Danielle, Peri and I took the room with three double beds - one for each of us.

It has a gorgeous bathroom.

Adrienne, Brandon and Donovan only

needed two beds, but their room also has a sofa.

There are plaques by the doors describing what the rooms were originally used for. Ours are in the former pantry. The one across from us was the workshop.

But it all has such a cozy feeling about it, all of the stone is beautifully complemented by flowers all over.

There is a trail marked "Woodland Path", so I took Donovan and Peri for a walk before dinner. Sooo much green...

Then we allowed Danielle, Adrienne and

Brandon to enjoy a nice dinner in the restaurant, followed by an evening in the bar, while I took the little ones to eat in the bar. I know that sounds weird, but pubs are a family affair over here and the bar is where the kids menu is.

Now the kids and I are relaxing, each in a big soft bed of our own, spread across our big room, waiting for the others to come back. This is truly fabulous.

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