Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ostrich Mating

As I mentioned in my post on Nairobi Tented Camp, we learned on safari that the neck and legs of a male ostrich will turn bright pink when attempting to mate with a female ostrich. We saw several male ostriches sporting their intentions for the world to see, and were fortunate enough to see two of them actually go so far as to perform their mating dance and get in close to seek approval.

Unfortunately for both of them, the answer was no.

First, there was primping for the approach.

Then the actual approach.


 May I?

Um, no, I think you need to try a little harder.

Wait, what? Why?

But...what did I do wrong?

I wish I had video. Seriously, it was classic. And we saw it twice, on two separate days. I assumed it was two different sets of ostriches, but who knows.

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