Friday, July 10, 2015

The Model Giraffe

While on Safari at Nairobi Tented Camp, we saw many giraffes. But they are such fabulous creatures, we never failed to admire them no matter how many we saw. Usually, they were grazing, though we got see several of them loping around in the strange gait required by such a long necked creature.

There was one, though, who was unique from all the others. We could tell it was a female because another thing we learned on safari was that females have hair on their horns, while male horns are bald, and this female was a natural born model.

We were told that the animals we saw would not bother us as long as we did not move around too much or leave the vehicles. They did not associate the boxy trucks with threats of danger or food.

But they did notice us. Every time we stopped, many buffalo out of a big herd, for instance, would stare at us for a long time. But none of the animals ever came closer to us. If they changed position, it was to head away from us.

Not this girl.

 She was grazing peacefully when we arrived.

But after a while, she noticed our presence.

Then she left her meal and came closer to our truck...

...before standing perfectly still while we took a million photos of her.

When she turned to one side, we jokingly said she was showing us her good profile.

But when she turned to the other side, we knew she was showing us ALL her sides.

And if there was any question about what she was doing, she gave us final proof by walking away from us...

...then giving us the over the shoulder shot.

Knows what she's doing, that girl.

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