Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Satisfying Week

It's so weird how random facts stay in your brain. The only thing I knew about the city of Hastings, England was that there was a Battle of Hastings in 1066. And that's pretty much still all that I know.

I have no idea what the battle was about, who was in it or what the consequences are. And I actually enjoy history a great deal, particularly English history. Enough that I plan to look it all up soon.

But I didn't go to the battle site, or anywhere else historic. I didn't even see much of the city, just the mile and a half or so from where I was staying to the same part of town that I visited almost every day that I was there.

I can be a really terrible tourist sometimes. But history was not why I was visiting Hastings. I was there for reasons having nothing to do with tourism. I'm leaving soon to head back to the States and I needed some quiet time with my computer to catch up on stuff.

I also wanted some alone time. I can only stay in shared hostel rooms, or even rooms in someone's home, for so long. After too long, I need my own space. But it needs to be in a place where there are things to do, because when I come up for air after too many hours at my computer, I want readily available distractions.

So, just as I've done a couple of other times on this trip, I went looking for the cheapest place I could find for a week in a place I could stand to be for several days in a row. And even though I didn't take advantage of anywhere near what it has to offer, I hit the jackpot in Hastings.

First of all, I got a big room in student lodgings that had a sofa and a desk, as well as a bed. It also had an ensuite bath, which is a huge plus. Another huge plus, it was right across the hall from a communal kitchen. Laundry room in the basement, with both washer AND dryer, the pluses kept adding up.

I was happily turning over $315 for a week in this place, even
before I found out that I was being given a room overlooking a big garden square and even had a view of the sea! Yes, Hastings is on the coast, and it was going to be a very nice place to spend a week in summer.

There was a huge promenade, with tons of benches for people to just hang out and look at the sea, and I walked it almost every single day I was there. It was wonderful.

The first day I arrived, I walked it to get groceries. The second day, I went to the movies. I made sure that it would be safe to make the walk at night, because I was going to an evening movie. And it was perfectly safe, just as I was assured, so I had a really lovely walk back.

There were other things I needed in the same area where the cinema was. I needed a new sim card for my tablet and some vouchers to top it up.

The wifi at my lodgings was very weak, but there was an Ethernet port, so I went to pick up a cable and an adapter. My new super thin and lightweight computer does not have anything so old-fashioned as an Ethernet port.

Then, since I was heading back, and could use some clothes other than my travel wardrobe - which is almost in rags, I went shopping. All of these places were in the same shopping area, which was somewhat inland, but I could walk the promenade to within a few blocks of it.

It was near a pedestrian mall area, which was very attractive
and provided a view of the remains of a castle.

There was also another Tardis, nearby.

And a carousel.                     

There were a lot of things named 1066 This or 1066 That, which was probably to be expected. But there were also all the chain stores that provided the things I was looking for.

Of course, the water was too cold to swim, but the weather was mostly nice. 

Coming back from my expeditions, the sea would sometimes
be at low tide, which looked dramatically different.

The women in charge of the desk were both very nice and helpful. The other guests I met in the kitchen were also very friendly.

So although I didn't do much in the way of sightseeing, I had an amazingly pleasant time, and got a lot done. If I'm around here next summer, I'm going to go back. 

Maybe I'll actually look around while I'm there next time. I will definitely have learned about the Battle.

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