Friday, August 14, 2015

Power on the Go

I'm barely keeping up with blogging about the places we've been, and I've got a backlog of stuff to write about even after I head back to the States...which is next week. But after I've caught up somewhat, I do want to write about the things I've traveled with, the stuff that worked and the stuff I sent back...or didn't bring in the first place.

It was so funny when Adrienne pulled out the inflatable footrest I'd left behind, she thought it was a big pillow! And she used it as one very successfully, I might add. But she stole part of Donovan's suitcase space, so she had a little extra room. I  don't even have a pillow.

In fact, Adrienne also brought the travel pillow I'd left behind. I tried using it on the overnight train ride we took from Paris to Venice, which I will write about soon. But it was so uncomfortable, I was glad I'd left it behind. I still want to find a travel pillow, a soft squishy one, not an inflatable. Now, at the end of this trip, I've pretty much got my possessions streamlined and I know there is room for one.

No matter what comes and goes, though, there will always be room for my portable power. There's no question that external batteries add a little extra heft to the luggage. And when you're carrying bags up and down stairs of train stations, then running with them if time is a little short, weight can be an even more important factor than size. 

      (You don't see phone because it's taking the photo.)

But I've got no fewer than 6 devices that need to be charged by USB:

Phone/Battery Case
Portable Keyboard
Wireless Headphones/Case

It's technically 8 devices, but the phone and headphones can be charged through their cases, requiring only one port instead of two.

In any case, I knew good and well that there were going to be times when I would want to charge a device but there would be no nearby outlets available. So I got two external batteries, a bright orange one that could charge my cell phone 3 times if I needed it to, and a big one that could charge a phone and a tablet at the same time. 

That last one was in a pretty gold to match my phone, and I bought two gold iPhone cables to match it. Yes, I like things to be aesthetically pleasing, don't judge me.

As it happens, I follow the battery manufacturer on Twitter, because they are always coming out with new products and they sometimes announce where amazing deals can be found. Imagine my surprise when they contacted me after I tweeted them a photo of me using one of their batteries, in response to one of their own tweets.

It seems that they've just started a blog on their official website, and they asked if I'd like to do a guest post about my experiences with their products. I was happy to oblige, and you can find it here:

There may be a few words and/or photos that haven't showed up here yet, but I should have another couple of location posts up soon. Stay tuned!

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