Monday, September 7, 2015

Brighton Revisited

Happy Labor Day, everyone, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Okay, we're going backwards a bit now. Sorry about that.

Adrienne and the kids had flown into London from Las Vegas, and we spent a week there. I thought it would give them time to get over jet lag, and we could take our time seeing things. But it was also all the time we had before going on safari, which was another 8.5 hour flight.

I didn't want to subject them to two long flights, one right after the other. But soon after we came back from safari, we were going to be taking the Eurostar to Paris Disneyland, which was a nice gentle journey. So we didn't really need more than a couple of slow days to recover.

Although we were flying back to London because round trips were cheapest and easiest for the safari, I didn't want to make them go back to the same place where we'd already spent a week. This trip was all about seeing many different things.

Brighton was the perfect solution, because it was an easy trip to London and had fun stuff to do. There was that completely
over the top Brighton Pavilion, which I would not at all mind seeing again. 

There was also the Brighton Pier, with all the childish delights those types of places usually hold.

And there was the beach.

Really, the kids would have loved another couple of days there. They definitely enjoyed the two we were there.

You may remember that Brighton is where Martha and I had our last days together on this trip. It was the end of May, yet still quite cool, but we both really liked the city. People were still enjoying the beach, but they were all bundled up. No one was anywhere near the water.

It was totally different when I brought the kids there. The
water in the English Channel was still way too cold, in my opinion, but the kids didn't care. They stayed, and played, for hours - both in the water and on the beach covered in huge pebbles.

We brought them to see the Pavilion, and they were suitably impressed. But they really loved the Pier.

There were different rides for different ages, so they didn't get to go on the same ones. But they had no difficulty in finding rides they liked.

Donovan went flying...

...while Peri chose a water ride.
We got burgers and hot dogs afterward, and I had the dubious pleasure of having a bird swoop down and grab a piece of food right out of my fingers. Pinched the fingers pretty good, too, the little asshole.

Other than that, though, we had a really good time. We
stayed in the same hotel Martha and I had enjoyed, in a family room right down the hall from the room we had. So we were not far from the beach, and walked along it whenever we went anywhere.
This stop was exactly what we needed, and we all really liked Brighton. And you know what came next, because that was what the last two posts were about. 

I don't even remember what came after Paris, I'm going to have to check. But at least now we have the chronology of the beginning down, it was: London, Nairobi, Brighton, Paris Disneyland and Paris.

Although, actually, there are a few bits and pieces left from that first week in London. They will show up eventually. 

In the meantime, I am currently back in Vegas, where it is still much too hot. But it is nice to be back. At least for a little bit. 
By the time you read this, I expect to be in Los Angeles, where I plan to stay for at least a couple of months. Possibly doing some temp work, while seeking that elusive position which will allow me to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. 

I don't really feel the need to get back to Europe and the UK until the Spring, and I haven't been to L.A. in decades, so this should be interesting. Especially since I'm partial to sunshine and palm trees.

The end of my trip caught me by surprise. It didn't end when or where I was expecting it to, and I'm now headed in a direction completely different from the tentative plans I'd made for afterward. 

So while I wasn't expecting to be as enthusiastic about my surroundings in the U.S. as I was abroad, it turns out that there is still a bubble of excitement from revisiting urban areas from my past.

Which reminds me, I've got one more post from New York
coming up soon. And I hope to get back there at least once, before the weather gets too nasty, so maybe more posts in the future.

If nothing else, my trip abroad is proof that dreams really do come true. And I've got more of'em, so keep checking in and I'll share them as they unfold.

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