Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rome, with and without kids

I'd posted about my and Martha's first day in Rome,  where we got to see Pope, but the Vatican museum was closed and we went to do a Google Hangout with the kids at the Colosseum and that was closed, as well. It was still March, and it was after 4:30 when we got there, so starting to get dark. And even though the Colosseum is now lit on the outside, apparently they don't let you inside after dark.

But we managed to walk all over the rest of the city, seeing the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps, as well a couple of breathtaking cathedrals we knew nothing about.

On our second day, we went back to catch the things we'd missed: the museum, Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum. And thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

Except, of course, the freaking crowds.

Everything else, though, was fabulous.

It was such a gorgeous day.

We'd gotten a tour, to bypass the lines, but there was a glitch and we ended up having to wait anyway. sigh.

But there were so many fabulous things to see, it really didn't matter once we got in.

We even saw some kind of procession while we were in the Chapel.

This photo seems odd, phone probably adding filters again.
So even though we'd seen this all decades ago, it was really nice to experience it again.

We then went to the Colosseum, which didn't seem quite so crowded once we got inside.

Because of the crowds, and the ages of the kids, I didn't bother taking them to the Vatican at all. After Paris, we went back to London to meet Adrienne's husband, Brandon. Then all of us flew to Rome the next day.

Adrienne and Brandon wanted to see a particular place on a
lake north of Rome, so they went there while I took the kids out sightseeing. First up, of course, was the Colosseum.  

It was SO very hot that day. Fortunately, there were fountains scattered about with water that was quite cold. We hit two of them.

The next day, we hit the Spanish Steps. And got water from those fountains as well. I've said before that all of these water fountains are lifesavers in the heat, but it's worth repeating.

While the kids enjoyed seeing these sights, they were just as amused by the things we came across while simply walking around the city. Like this building named Perri, which they decided was Italian for Peri.

There were always things right on the sidewalks worth stopping to look at.

And even amusement to be found in bathrooms.

There were SO many steps to climb.

Lots of the quiet alleys I love, though much wider here.

Of course, so many lovely buildings. This one near where we were staying was so fabulous that we stopped to gawk, and there was a sign saying it was open to the public a couple of days a week. I would have loved to see it, and the kids seemed interested, too. But the timing was wrong.

We stayed near the Villa Borghese gardens and when walking through them, unexpectedly came across some horses, which thrilled the children to no end.

All in all, this was a pretty good stop. We spent three nights, and packed quite a bit in. The kids enjoyed it, which was my measure of success.


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