Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bad timing at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is notorious for its quirkiness, supposedly lots of scantily dressed super fit people rollerblading and biking down the boardwalk. I can understand that the rollerblading phase may now be a thing of the past, so it wasn't too surprising to see the Segways instead, both regular and Hoverboards. 

Can you see those guys back there on the Segways?

And there were still lots of bikes, even a couple that were not on their designated path, but on our pedestrian one. But Fall has finally arrived in SoCal, and no one was scantily dressed, so I didn't really notice whether a large number of people actually looked like gym rats.

I was too busy taking photos of buildings. As usual.

I did, however, notice that there were an awful lot of people walking dogs. I should have taken at least a couple of photos of them, particularly the lovely pug with the wheeled walker on his hind legs, and the adorable little fluffball whose eyes just begged everyone to pick her up. But no. I just didn't even think of it.

Apologies, by the way, for these photos. My phone battery was dying, so I was using my point and shoot. I didn't realize until I was almost all done that it wasn't actually in point and shoot mode. It was in a mode that required me to adjust settings...and I didn't. 

I'm still not sure that camera is worth carrying around, my phone is still more reliable for most shots. But at least it usually has lots of battery available.

Anyway. The day was really overcast and much cooler than we were dressed for. So there weren't a lot of people on the beach. There were still several surfers, but I felt sorry for them. Because as rough as the water was, it was just choppy, with no big waves.

We walked down to Muscle Beach, where there is gym equipment in the sand, right off the boardwalk. 

Volleyball and handball courts, too, which were pretty busy.

Lots of shops and fast food places.

Colorful bikes to rent...

...lots of sunglasses, all going unheeded today...

...just the kind of funky tee shirts you'd expect.

But ohhhh, the houses. There were such extraordinary houses. Some were so original, they just really grabbed your attention.

One had an amazing mural on one long side.

Again, I am so surprised at how much I like some of the super modern buildings, but I really do admire a thing done well, and many of them were. They were all narrow, except for the few apartment buildings, but they made up for it in length.

In spite of having so little land, besides what the building was sitting on, a bunch of them managed to get in some nice landscaping.

And a couple of them had really great water features. You can't really see it, but there is water running down the short black wall in front of that one house.

Then another one had an actual little trough in front, to catch the water running down over the bronze sculpture type thing.

Can you see where it says, "World's smallest front yard."? You probably need to click on the photo to embiggen, but then you can also see the figures on the plaque.

So it was not the best weather for visiting the beach. But give me some interesting architecture to look at, and I am a thoroughly happy camper. Of course, that means I'm not the most reliable observer. Because my take on Venice Beach was: lots of bikes and dogs, some Segways, and really amazing houses. Not a lot of weirdness. But maybe it's just more evident when the sun is shining.

In any case, I'm pretty much beached out for the time being. One cool misty day is all it takes to keep me from becoming a full time beach bum. Still, I'm so glad that freaking heat wave is over. It's mid-October, forcryinoutloud. I can deal with highs in the low 80s, but it's way past time for the 90s to be gone. And now they finally are.

Not sure what's coming next, all I know is that I'm in Burbank until the end of the month and will almost certainly be moving on after that. I'll probably dip back into the archives again while I figure it out. There are actually still places I haven't covered yet, like Edinburgh, which was fabulous. 

And when I get to wherever I end up going, you'll see it here, as always.

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