Monday, October 12, 2015

Life is a Beach

It's mid-October and Los Angeles is still seeing triple digit temps. They're over ten degrees lower by the ocean, so that's where we're spending as much time as possible. 

I thought about picking up a cheap beach umbrella, but I never have any luck keeping them upright in a position that will give me shade where I want it, so I am sticking with my method of choosing beaches near piers. The temperature must be at least another ten degrees cooler in the shade, so I'm loving it. 

The last two days have been Manhattan Beach. I love this town. I love the main street with all the great shops, and the small streets, it's just a really nice looking place overall. Must be expensive as hell, I know, but it only costs like a dollar to park for 5 hours at their beach. If you can get a spot in the lots.

The first day we went was a weekday, and we found a spot right away. The beach wasn't very crowded, and I got a great place in the shade next to the pier.
Just like Pacific Beach in San Diego, they have a convenient bathroom, with showers outside. These have low faucets especially for washing sand off feet, perfect for those of us who only need that and don't want to get wet from a high shower head. This one also has a big open room with benches, for people who aren't overly modest to use as a dressing area.
The next day we returned was a Saturday, and the beach was noticeably more crowded. Not only did it take longer to find a parking space, but it was only a 2 hour one on the main street, which required me to move the car and search for another rare spot halfway through our beach time. 

Still, it didn't spoil the day, I even managed to get a little work done and have a pleasant little picnic.
Considering how much I hate sand, this is turning out to be very enjoyable. The trick is not getting wet. Sand comes off a lot easier when you aren't wet. I prefer sitting in the shade, enjoying the breeze and view, to going in the Pacific. It's not quite as freezing as the English Channel at the moment, but it will never equal the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, which is pretty much the only place I'll swim in this country.

Up next will be the different beaches of San Diego, although there will also be a couple of piers where we go for the sights, rather than the sand: Santa Monica and Venice Beach. I think I'm getting hooked, I'm afraid my next stage is going to be perilously close to beach bum.

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