Thursday, November 19, 2015


Edinburgh was a huge hit with us, what a charismatic city it is, and the people were lovely. I don't think we saw so much as a hint of a dour Scotsman. We weren't there long, just a couple of days. And on the cloudy one, it seemed inevitable that residents would be grim. Everything, even all of the beautiful stone buildings, just turned into one big gloomy looking landscape. But, oh, when the sun came out...It's a whole different city. We all loved it.

Adrienne and Brandon went to St. Andrews for one night, so they could play a round of golf on one of the oldest courses in the world. And Danielle left a day early, to go visit friends in Bristol. So, although everyone did get to spend some time in the city, my experience was taking the kids to see and do things that they're parents weren't interested in.

Big city ferris wheels are definitely a thing these days.
I don't believe in rushing around to do a whole lot of things everywhere we go. I prefer to hope to have the opportunity to return to a destination, than try to cram too much into a short time. I don't feel that you really appreciate a place that way.

So we went to the castle on the day it looked like it might rain, figuring we'd be mostly indoors, and I took the kids out to play on the day we had sunshine.

They were delighted to find that there were hamster balls, similar to what they'd discovered in Paris. The consensus was that these were not quite as good, being smaller and more crowded together. But they still enjoyed it, and they got to go to the ones in Paris when we went back there later.

There was also kiddie bungee jumping here, which is a favorite of Peri's. These things were set up right in the middle of the city, next to the main train station. It seemed strange, but really very nice.

Donovan tried it for the first time, and liked it, as well.

The castle was interesting, I thought, but the kids were pretty much done with castles by then. So we just kind of breezed through it. 

It was quite crowded, so it was impossible to get any photos without a lot of people in them, but I loved the architecture. As usual.

There were some nice things inside, too. 

I thought the exhibits were really well done.

And there were fabulous far reaching views from the top.

One thing that was very strange, though, was that you entered through some kind of stadium.

It was not the most impressive, or attractive, castle entrance we'd seen. I did not get that at all.

However, the thing that will keep me from returning was the climb. We climbed from street level in this photo.

And then when you got there, of course, there was a lot more climbing to get around it. A lot.

Still, the city was a delight. It was so beautiful, and I could have walked around looking at all the buildings and houses forever.

Though I don't plan to revisit the castle, I certainly wouldn't mind returning to Edinburgh.

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