Saturday, May 7, 2016

French Quarter Fest

French Quarter Fest sign

Peri and I went down to the French Quarter Fest, but all we did was eat our way deep into the Quarter, then turn around to walk back to the streetcar. Of course, it doesn't take much more than that in the French Quarter, in order to see some interesting stuff. So at least I got a few good photos.

We stopped to say Hi to my good friend Maureen on the way down, and she was nice enough to drive us the rest of the way. But, all told, I still walked about 5 miles that day and I'm not used to that anymore. 

Peri is on her middle school track team and runs that far 4 days a week, so she wasn't bothered. But I was shot by the time I got home. It's past time I started getting out and about on foot again. Since I'm back in California for at least a couple of months, often without a car, I plan to start walking to the local library to work. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, though we didn't do much at the French Quarter Fest, I did get a few photos, so I can at least show what a nice time everyone else was having.

French Quarter Fest food tents
The weather was gorgeous, so it was at least nice to be out and about outdoors. And there were food tents set up everyfreakingwhere.

Peri and I shared a tiny, overpriced oyster po boy. We should've just walked to NOLA Poboys and gotten one twice the size for the same price, but I didn't think about it.

French Quarter Fest large music stageStages were set up in various places. This one was one of the larger ones. 

French Quarter Fest Hand Grenade StageI don't remember the name of that one, but there was a smaller one nearby named The Hand Grenade Stage. 

French Quarter Fest Crimestoppers StageI don't know where they came up with those names, but Peri and I were amused to see the Crimestoppers Stage - presumably sponsored by the TV show - set up in front of the French Quarter courthouse.

French Quarter Fest Metal Sculpture
Not surprisingly, given the beautiful weather, there were a lot of people in attendance. But it wasn't uncomfortably crowded.

French Quarter Fest St. Louis CathedralWell, maybe Jackson Square was a bit crowded. We didn't go in.

Jelly Belly sodas
After our tiny little poboy, Peri wanted to check out a shop selling weird sodas. There were some in all the Jelly Belly flavors.

Swamp Pop
And then there was Swamp Pop.

1 Pound Snickers
There was also a one pound Snickers bar that would have been a lot harder to pass up if we hadn't scored a couple of small samples of new flavor Snickers being given away in one of the front food tents.

Community Coffee Cappuccino Hazelnut croissant
Instead, we left without buying anything and walked over to the Community Coffee location I liked to stop at when Martha and I were living on Decatur in 2014. I had my usual cappuccino and hazelnut croissant.

And that was pretty much it. We didn't stop to listen to any music, or get anything more exciting to eat. It was basically just little bits of exercise punctuated with some of my favorite foods.

I know, I'm a terrible tourist. I didn't go to the Jazz Festival, either...thank God, because it was all monsoons on both weekends.

But now I'm in the San Diego area, where it is both less warm and less sunny than I was expecting. But still lovely, and I am thrilled to be here. So a whole different kind of photo gallery coming soon - though I do still have some photos to share from the Irish Channel and Lower Garden District in NOLA. Eventually.

Don't know where I'm headed next, or exactly when. But I really, really like where I am now. And that's my favorite feeling.

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