Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Water Grill, San Diego CA

Water Grill San Diego Exterior

I have the absolute sweetest sister in the world, y'all. Which doesn't come as any surprise to those who actually know her. But because I take care of most of our family affairs, including icky tax documentation, she treated me to an extraordinary champagne Mother's Day lunch. And that's despite my screwing up some of last year's icky tax documentation. sigh.

Just to bring everyone up to date, we are now staying in the very outer edges of San Diego. But we are still close enough to be on the tram line, and we jumped on one to head into the city. That meant we didn't have to worry about parking or drinking. Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We got off right at the Gaslamp Quarter on what was an exquisitely beautiful afternoon. Just let me add an aside that is also no secret to anyone. San Diego is a beautiful city with the most glorious climate in the world. Low 70s with lots of sunlight and a light breeze. Almost every day. <swoon>

Anyway, it was a short walk to the Water Grill, pictured at the top
Water Grill San Diego Upstairs
of this post, which I fell in love with on sight. I'm not usually one to gush over industrial decor, though I enjoy it when it's well done - meaning not too very stark and cold. But the Water Grill has managed to make a building that looks like a warehouse both cozy and elegant. It is a truly lovely space.

Water Grill San Diego Ladies RoomEven the bathrooms! Yes, I remembered to take my phone to the bathroom. The subway tiles, trough sink, fixtures and pretty door had all the old timey elegance of the Gaslamp Quarter without being hokey.
The black paint everywhere in and out somehow provided a perfect backdrop for gorgeous, comfortable furniture and fabulous light fixtures. But oh. My. God. Those windows. We got a booth right in front of one, and it was heaven throughout the entire meal.

The upstairs had what looked like a private dining room and a couple of little sitting areas plus a big lounge with bar, it was all just breathtaking.
And, okay, yeah, we were there to eat. I would probably have wanted to go back no matter what the actual experience was like, just because I love the building so much. But as it turns out, the food and service were excellent.

We had a Fritto Misto that was so good, we all but licked the crumbs off the serving platter.

But take a look at this Grand Platter. Fresh cold seafood, just the way these coastal babies like it. Lobster, stone crab, oysters, clams, mussels, scallops, a heap of huge boiled shrimp and a bunch of tiny snails that were amazingly easy to tease out of their shells with little pointy sticks.

As usual, no photo of dessert. It was a croissant bread pudding with caramel ice cream concoction that we dived into as soon as it hit the table. I'm lucky to have remembered to photograph the main courses; I rarely get a photo of dessert without at least a bite taken out of it. But once we got a bite of this thing, we didn't even stop to breathe. Holy cow. And I don't even like bread pudding. Really, though, it was a croissant. No matter what you do to a croissant, it's delicious.

Anyway, the great meal was accompanied by a bottle of champagne, and we'd started with Bloody Marys. So when we were done, we staggered back to the tram, went home and got into PJs, then hit the sack really early. It was a late lunch, we didn't get there until 3 PM, so that worked out fine.

Thank you, Martha, for such a fabulous day.

Oh, and if any of you make your way over to the Water Grill, ask for Garrett. He's the best. ;)

Hi Garret!


  1. Becky, where are you living in San Diego? North County? Cause my daughter would probably have some great restaurant recommendations up there.

  2. Hey Karen! No, we are on the eastern edge of the city. We usually just go in to the Pacific Beach area or the Gaslamp Quarter. Martha substitute teaches all week, so we will probably just head in now and then on weekends. Great restaurant recommendations are always welcome, though, we never know where we will end up. Hope all is well with you, and thanks for keeping up with us!

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