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Being a gadget freak from way back, I'm willing to make room for whatever tech I feel necessary to have with me...even if it means bringing less clothes or anything else. This is what I'm carrying around with me these days.

Lenovo LaVieZ - It's hard not to be irritated when you find out the expensive laptop you splurged on dropped its price by more than third six months later. But I'd probably have bought it anyway. Mostly for its insanely light 1.87 lbs, but also for its touchscreen. Since I've gotten so used to using my iPad instead of a laptop whenever possible, I kept trying to use touch on my computer display. 

Having such a super light laptop with a touchscreen that folds all the way back, turning it into a 13" tablet, means I use full computing more. Add 8 gigs of RAM to that, and I'm more willing to adjust to the stupid keyboard layout. 

I actually love this thing, and it's made a huge difference in the weight of my carry on bag. I paid close to $1,700 for mine and it's now available for around $1,000 or less. Because I travel so much, every ounce counts, but after years of netbooks, I finally wanted a powerful laptop again. The touch screen and swivel, in my opinion, make this an almost perfect device for me.

iPad Mini - I have the original and am perfectly satisfied with it. I don't wish I'd gotten the larger one and I am not tempted to get the Retina display. I'm relieved, and find it extremely refreshing, because I usually get gadget envy when upgraded products come out. Mine is the black 32GB with AT&T 4G. These aren't being sold anymore by Apple, but I'm fine with mine. 

I might have wanted a regular sized tablet if I didn't need a computer for anything at all, but I do. A tablet this size is perfect for me because I can even take it along during a full day out without adding too much weight to my bag. Though I have the biggest iPhone, the display on the Mini is much larger and easier to look at for maps and websites. I plan to keep it until it dies.

Kindle Paperwhite - I have the original version of this device, as well, and I am also satisfied with it. In fact, if I didn't already have one, I would take advantage of the price drop and get it instead of the new one. The new one is supposedly faster with improved side-lighting, but I have no problem with the way this one works. 

This was an answer to all my dreams. I thought I wanted a backlight on my Kindle (this is my 3rd), but sidelighting is SO much better. No eyestrain. Not sure if they are still even available. But you can rest easy getting the cheapest Paperwhite available. Of course, it doesn't have nearly the battery power of the non-lit versions, but still way more than enough, especially if you keep the flight mode off unless downloading content. It's great.
Plantronics Backbeat Go with Charging Case - I love this device. If my wireless earbuds run out of juice, this little case has more than enough to charge them again. And when I don't need to be wearing the headphones, they can be stored in the case and charged until I need them again. This is genius. I paid about $80, I think, but the price keeps dropping. They were under $70, last time I checked. 

I particularly like wearing wireless earbuds when walking and listening to map instructions. It means I don't have to have my phone out, nor even the bright white wired earbuds that scream phone in pocket. They're discreet, and I like that. The other thing I like them for is watching movies on my tablet or laptop. They allow me to get up and walk around nearby without disconnecting. But wireless earbuds are more easily misplaced and they need recharging, that's why this case is a game changer.

Jackery Bar - This a 5600mAh external battery pack with a 2.1A USB port, which means you can charge tablets with it, as well as phones. You can often find it for under $20, and I consider it well worth the cost. It's very lightweight and has a built in flashlight. 

I will take it out to a patio or coffee shop if I plan to do some work and don't think my iPad and phone will last as long as I want them to. It can fully charge my phone more than 3 times without needing to be recharged itself, so I am rarely without it. 
This battery is the middle of the range offered by Jackery. I would love to own all of their batteries in various colors, but I've restrained myself and only have two. So far.

Jackery Giant - This is the big boy, 12,000mAh with one 1A USB port for phones and one 2.1A port for tablets. I literally sleep with this one. I use it at night when there aren't any outlets close enough to plug in my devices while I'm using them in bed. It's big enough to finish charging them completely while I sleep, then I just let the battery itself charge the next day while I'm out with the devices. I've seen it for under $30, and it's a particularly good value at that price.

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